Servier golden ticket

The 2020 Servier Golden Ticket awards a biotech focus on oncology

Servier has awarded the 2020 Servier Golden Ticket* at MBC Biolabs, to Telo Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focusing on working on solutions to treat TERT promoter (TERTp) mutant cancers. The award will help Telo Therapeutics advance the company’s effort in developing two preclinical programs in oncology.

Telo Therapeutics is developing targeted therapies for oncology based on a unique approach to reversing the cancer’s ability to proliferate without limit, as TERTp mutations are the 3rd most common mutation in human cancer.

The biotech’s research work, addressing a high unmet medical need for a small targeted population in Oncology, is the kind of innovation Servier has the vocation to support:

We see potential synergies between Telo’s data driven approach of the TERT pathway and Servier’s drug discovery platforms, especially since Oncology is one of our major focus

Olivier Nosjean, Scientific Director of Research at Servier

* This coveted prize from Servier, part of its sponsorship of MBC BioLabs, supports a startup research program that aligns with Servier’s ambitious efforts to deliver meaningful improvements in patient care today and into the future. The Golden Ticket award underwrites the cost of one lab bench for one scientist to reside in MBC BioLab’s open lab for one year, allowing a startup company to focus its early efforts on moving the science forward.

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